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Comparison: Tecno W3 Vs Tecno W4

Tecno W4 vs Tecno W3

If you are a smartphone enthusiast, you are probably having trouble keeping up with the new phones that Tecno is releasing into the Kenyan market every month. In 2016, Tecno has released so many phones into the Kenyan market. The Tecno W4 was released a few months ago.  The Tecno W3 is already here. There […]

HTC 10 Specifications Review & Price In Kenya

HTC 10

HTC is one of the most successful mobile phone makers in the world. The HTC 10 is one of the latest from this company.  The HTC One M8 is considered to be one of the best phones ever made by HTC.  The HTC, just like many other HTC phones released before it is very well […]

Tecno W3 Review & Price in Kenya

Tecno W3

The Tecno W3 is now available in Kenya. It is the smaller brother to the first phone from Tecno Mobile running on Android v6.0 Marshmallow, the Tecno W4.  Phones in The Tecno W sere series are affordable. Just like its predecessor, the W3 price is below Ksh 10,000.  It has the same display size and […]

Comparison: Tecno Camon C9 Vs Tecno Boom J8

Tecno camon C9 Vs Tecno Boom J8

Tecno Mobile has released so many phones into the market over the past few months. The Tecno L5, Tecno W4, Tecno W3, Tecno L8, Tecno L8 plus, Tecno Boom J8 and the Tecno C9 are some of the smartphone released by the company in quick succession since the beginning of the year.  Looking at the […]

Cubot Dinosaur Review & Best Price In Kenya

cubot dinosaur

Cubot phones are fairly new in the Kenyan market. The Cubot Note S was the first Cubot phone that got our attention.  The Cubot Dinosaur is a much better phone in terms of performance and other features.  It is a 5.5 inch smartphones with a stainless steel chassis.  The Cubot Dinosaur is a 4G phone […]

Tecno Camon C9 Review & Price in Kenya

Tecno Camon C9

The Tecno Camon C9 is available in Kenya!  The Tecno Camon range consists of smartphones built with the cameras as their main selling point. The Tecno Camon C8 was quite impressive.  The Tecno C9 is better in almost every aspect. Tecno mobile has been keen to improve how it presents it phones. The packaging of […]

Tecno PhonePad 7II Review & Price in Kenya

Tecno PhonePad 7II

Tecno PhonePad 7II is an affordable tablet recently released by Tecno into the Kenyan market.  Tecno Mobile has been working hard to get awesome but affordable tablets into the Kenyan market.  If you want one device that can serve as a phone and as a tablet, the Tecno PhonePad 7II could be a perfect match […]

7 Best Cheap 4G LTE Phones in Kenya (Under 15K)

Cheap 4G phones

Since the beginning of the year, there have been many cheap 4G phones that have been put into the Kenyan market.  At the moment, 4G LTE technology is only available on Safaricom. Airtel is going to roll out its 4G network soon. 4G LTE will definitely be available in the whole country in the near […]

Finlux 40FCD274B-T 40 Inch TV Review & Price

Finlux 40FCD274B-T - 40 inch - HD LED Digital TV

Finlux TVs are fairly new in the Kenyan market.  Many people would be skeptical to buy Finlux 40FCD274B-T since they have never heard of the brand before.  The Finlux 40FCD274B-T – 40″ is a cheap TV. It is significantly cheaper than 40” TVs from well-known brands in Kenya like Samsung, LG, Sony etc.  Finlux TV […]

Huawei Y6 Pro Review & Price In Kenya

Huawei Y6 pro

The Huawei Y6 Pro is a modification of the Huawei Y6.  This phone is equipped with almost everything that most people would expect from a smartphone.  The Y6 pro has a 5 inch HD IPS screen.  This 720p screen is well compacted on a stylish body.  This phone is powered by 1.3GHz quadcore processor. This […]

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