Laptop Prices In Kenya – The Best Laptop Deals (Feb 2017)

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If you are looking for laptop prices in Kenya or the best deals on laptops in Kenya, you are at the right place.  This is because we trawl through the best and biggest laptop shops in Kenya to help you find exactly what you are looking for at the best price.

Whether you are looking for a laptop for work or school, a cheap laptop for browsing or doing other simple task or if you are after a powerful laptop but you want to spend as little as possible, we are here to help.  We only recommend genuine products from reputable retailers.  We can’t recommend a laptop that will disappoint you.  We have created different categories to make it easy for you to find the type of laptop you are looking for.  Here are the best laptops in Kenya and their prices:

Laptop Prices Kenya: Best Cheap Laptops in Kenya

When you are looking for cheap laptops in Kenya, it is very easy to be lured into buying a laptop that will start stressing you out a few months. If you want a cheap laptop that will serve you for a long time without problems, go for a new one.  With a few thousands shillings, you can get a laptop that will help you do your school assignments, browse the web, watch videos as well as play “light”  games (low spec PC Games). These laptops are perfect if you are a student looking a laptop that will make your school work easy as well as entertain you whenever you are free. They are also suitable if you are looking for an affordable laptop for basic office tasks.

Here are the best cheap laptops for sale in Kenya:

ASUS X540SA-SCL0205N -15.6" -Intel Celeron -500GB HDD -2GB KSh. 23,999 Order Now!
Dell Inspiron 3552 -15.6" -Intel Celeron -500GB HDD -4GB RAM KSh. 26,799 Order Now!
Lenovo Ideapad 110- 151BR 15.6" -Intel Celeron -N3060 -500GB HDD -2GB RAM KSh. 23,999 Order Now!
HP 15-AY - 15.6" - Intel Celeron N3060 - 500GB HDD - 4GB RAM KSh. 28,500 Order Now!
HP 250 G5 -15.6" - Intel Celeron -500GB HDD -4GB RAM KSh. 29,999 Order Now!
HP Notebook 15-ay089nia -15.6" - Intel Celeron -500GB HDD -4GB RAM KSh. 27,999 Order Now!

Laptop Prices : Best Mini Laptops In Kenya

Some people predicted that mini laptops will be replaced by Tablets. This has not happened yet. People still love mini laptops. When productivity is the main consideration, there is no way tablets will replace mini laptops & full sized laptops any time soon.  If you are looking for the best mini laptop in Kenya in Kenya, you at the right place.

There are many mini laptops in Kenya.  Some are quite expensive. Here are the best mini Laptops that you can buy in Kenya & their prices…

HP Pavilion X360 11'' - Dual Core - 500GB - 4GB RAM - Windows 10 KSh. 38,999 Order Now!
Acer Aspire Switch 10" - Intel Atom QC - 2GB RAM - 32GB+500GB HDD - Windows 10 KSh. 39,990 Order Now!
Lenovo Yoga 300 - 11.6" - Intel Celeron - 500GB HDD - 4GB RAM - Windows 10 Home KSh. 48,500 Order Now!
Dell Inspiron 11 3162 - 11.6" - Intel Celeron - 32GB SSD - 2GB RAM - Windows 10 KSh. 24,999 Order Now!
HP Chromebook - 11.6" HD Touchscreen - Intel Celeron N3060 - 4GB RAM - 16GB SSD - Chrome OS KSh. 23,999 Order Now!

Best HP laptops in Kenya

HP is the most sought after Laptop brand in Kenya at the moment.  HP has some of the best performing laptops available in Kenya. However, like other tech companies, HP has manufactured a number of disappointing systems in terms of looks, performance & battery life.  Don’t worry about such systems because we only focus on the best.

HP Laptops in Kenya
HP remains one of the most sought after laptop brand in Kenya.

If you are looking for some of the best cheap HP laptops in Kenya, you are at the right place. We have picked the best HP laptops in Kenya at different price brackets to help you find exactly what you need.  HP has always tried to cover all market segments.

You should keep in mind the fact that the more you are willing to spend, the better the Laptop that you are going to find.  If you want a good looking HP laptop that provides a powerful performance and that has a powerful battery, you should be willing to spend more. However, this does not mean that you can’t find a well-designed laptop that serves your needs when you are on a limited budget.  There are many inexpensive HP laptops in Kenya that provide value for money.

Here are some of the best cheap HP laptops in Kenya & their prices:

HP OMEN - 5.6" - Core i7 6700HQ - 15.6" Memory -2TB HDD + 128GB SSD -4GB Nvidia -Windows 10 KSh. 129,999 Order Now!
HP Notebook 15-ay120ne -15.6" -Intel Core i7-7500U- 1 TB HDD -8GB RAM- 2GB Radeon Graphic KSh. 74,999 Order Now!
HP Probook 450 G3-15.6"-Core i5-1TB HDD-8GB RAM KSh. 54,999 Order Now!
HP 15 -15.6" -Intel Celeron N3060 -500GB HDD -4GB RAM KSh. 37,999 Order Now!
HP Pavilion 15ac036ne-15.6" - Intel Pentium-500GB HDD -4GB RAM KSh. 32,499 Order Now!
HP 250 G5 -15.6" - Intel Celeron -500GB HDD -4GB RAM KSh. 28,999 Order Now!

Laptop Prices in Kenya : Best Gaming Laptops in Kenya

Gaming Laptops in Kenya
Gaming Laptops in Kenya – An avid gamer needs a powerful machine.

There are more than enough gaming laptops in Kenya for people who love playing Fallout 4, Street Fighter V and other Games.

Gaming HP Laptop
HP built a laptop for gamers. It is one of the best gaming laptops you can buy right now.


The many option make it challenging for an avid gamer to choose the most suitable gaming laptop.  We make things easy for you by providing a list of best gaming laptops that you can buy in Kenya.  Price, performance and build quality were the top factors considered when creating this list.  These laptops can handle modern graphic intensive games very well.

Here are the best gaming laptops in Kenya:

Lenovo ThinkPad X260 -12.5" HD- Core i7 6600U -8GB RAM- 1TB HDD- Windows 7 Pro KSh. 154,999 Order Now!
Apple MacBook MF865LL/A -12" -Intel Core M Dual-Core -512GB -8GB RAM- Mac OS X KSh. 141,549 Order Now!
Dell Inspiron 5559 - 15.6" - Intel Core i7 - 1TB HDD - 8GB RAM KSh. 79,000 Order Now!
HP Probook 450 G3 -15.6" -Intel Core i7 -1TB HDD-8GB RAM- 2GB Graphics KSh. 72,999 Order Now!
HP Pavilion 15 -15.6" -Intel Core i7- 1TB HDD-12GB RAM -Windows 10 KSh. 64,999 Order Now!
HP 15-au181na -15.6"-Intel Core i5-7200U(2.5Ghz)-1TB HDD-8GB RAM -Windows 10 KSh. 59,999 Order Now!



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OPPO F3 -5.5" -64GB-4GB RAM-13MP Camera-4G KSh. 32,000
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Fero Pace -5.5"-16GB-1GB RAM -8MP Camera KSh. 7,499
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InnJoo Halo 2-5"-8GB -1GB RAM-5MP Camera KSh. 4,999
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X-TIGI R9 -6"-16GB-1GB RAM-13MP camera KSh. 7,599
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INFINIX HOT 4 X557 Lite-5.5"-16GB-1GB RAM-8MP Camera KSh. 8,499
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Huawei GR5 2017-5.5"-32GB-3GB RAM- 13MP Camera- 4G LTE KSh. 23,900
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