Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specs Review & Price In Kenya

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
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Samsung took Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge blueprint and improved it in every way to create the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Everything is better in this smartphone, from its battery, to performance and the overall feel. This device is very close to perfect. It will be very difficult for another manufacturer, including Apple to beat the Galaxy S7’s design.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Price In Kenya

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB
SafaricomNot available
JumiaKSh41,999.00 Order Now!
Phone Place KSh42,000.00 Order Now!
Phones StoreKSh42,200.00 Order Now!
Phone Point KSh42,500.00 Order Now!
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 128GB
SafaricomNot available
JumiaNot available
Phone PlaceNot available
Phones StoreKSh72,500.00 Order Now!
Phone PointNot available

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Specifications Review


Samsung was not very good at design in the past. The Galaxy S5 was a very powerful phone but not much can be said about its design. Since then, Samsung has tremendously improved in terms of design. The Samsung Galaxy S6 was nicely designed. The Galaxy S7 edge is much better. It’s a gorgeous phone. It is the best looking smartphone ever. It beats iPhone 6S plus in terms of looks. When you put the two of the them together, iPhones 6S Plus looks boring and blocky.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge In Kenya


When look at its surface for the first time, you will notice that it looks just like its predecessor, the Galaxy S6 Edge. The screen lock button is on one side while the separated volume keys are placed on the other side. On the back side, you will find the camera, Samsung logo and a heart rate monitor. There is a slim SIM card tray at the top that also holds the microSD card and a microphone. On the lower side, there is a headphone jack, another microphone, a microUSB charging port and a tiny speaker.

The front side is just as clean as the rear side. A home button is under the display and a Samsung Logo is at the top. The front control is not a capacitive-pad. It is a physical button. This button houses the fingerprint sensor. The S7 edge’s screen is larger than the screen on the Galaxy S6 Edge. It is 5.5 inches in size. Somehow, Samsung managed to put a large screen on a smaller phone. You can comfortably use this smartphone while holding it with one hand.

The microSD card slot is not the only thing that Samsung brought back. They also brought back the water resistance feature from the Galaxy S5. This feature was added without a noticeable loss on its design. There are no flaps that cover the ports. You can use this smartphone in the rain without worrying. You can watch videos while you are in your bath tab without worrying so much about accidental slips.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a stunning screen. The quad-HD(2560×1440) screen displays beautiful images. Whether you are playing games, looking at images or watching films, you will love this screen. Its 534ppi beats Apple’s iPhone 6S plus’ screen. This screen utilizes Super AMOLED technology. AMOLED screens are more vibrant than LCD screens. They also show off blacks better than LCDs.


This phone is powered by Samsung’s latest CPU. This high-end CPU has 8 cores, 4 of them running at 2.6 GHZ and the other 4 running 1.5 GHz. Its performance is exactly what you would expect from flagship smartphones released in 2016. It has a 4GB RAM that further helps to make it run smoothly. When you compare the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge to its closest rivals such as the Huawei Mate 8, it stays at the top. The Galaxy S7 edge runs on the newest Android Version 6.0 Marshmallow.

Battery life

The 3600mAh battery on the Galaxy S7 edge performs better than the 2600mAh battery on the Galaxy S6. With moderate use, this battery can comfortably take you through a day of moderate to heavy use. The batter life can even be much longer if you use the “power saving mode” or the “ultra-power saving mode”. Internal storage space is 32GB. 7.14 GB of this space is taken up by the Android operating system and TouchWiz.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera

Megapixel count no longer matter. There are many other features that help to make smartphone cameras great. The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a lower megapixel count when compared to the Galaxy S6. However, you will be surprised when you compare the quality of the pictures capture by S7 Edge’s camera. The 12MP back camera and the 5MP selfie camera perform very well even in low-light conditions. These cameras can also focus much quicker and they are more accurate than the cameras on the predecessors.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

This phone is absolutely stunning and it has many great features that help it to match its good looks. You should definitely buy this phone if you love its features. If you can afford it, why not?

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