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If you are looking for tv prices in Kenya, you are at the right place. We trawl through online shops every single day to identify the best tv deals in Kenya. We make it easy for you to find the type of television you are looking for at the best price.

Over the past decade, Samsung, Sony and LG have been the leading televisions brands in Kenya. These brand are still very popular in Kenya because of their reputation for innovation and attention to quality. However, these brands are currently facing stiff competition from newer brands in Kenya like HiSense and TCL. This is because the newer brands offer features that could only be accessed by people with deep pockets at low prices. This website provides the latest tv prices in Kenya: you will find all the best deals on TVs from the top brands in Kenya here.

TV Prices In Kenya -Top Brands

Hisense TVs

Hisense TV Prices In Kenya

Hisense TVs are products of a Chinese multinational company, Hisense Co LTD. Hisense LED TVs range from 1080 pixels to 4K. Hisense devices have gained popularity over the past few years in Kenya because of their quality and low prices. Today, Hisense is among the most popular TV brands in Kenya.

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Samsung TVs

Sony TV prices in Kenya

Samsung TVs are products of Samsung Electronics, a Korean company. This company knows what people need because it has been around for a very long time. Samsung has thrived in Kenya and all over the world because it invests heavily in innovation and new technology.

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LG TV prices IN Kenya

LG is the second largest TV manufacturing company in the world. LG TVs are popular in Kenya because of their simple design and reliable specs. LG have all types of TVs: from the standard LED TVs to the impressive Internet ready smart TVs and UHD TVs.

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Sony TVs

Sony TV prices IN Kenya

Sony is a Japanese electronic brand that manufactures televisions and other electronic products. High quality standards is no doubt one of the key things that have made Sony a household name in Kenya. Sony was the first company to manufacture a TV with 4k resolution.

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TCL TV prices in Kenya

TCL TVs amaze many people who are searching for TV prices In Kenya. This is because they are really cheap but have amazing features. TCL Tvs have become popular in Kenya over the past few years because they are affordable. Despite being cheap, TCL TVs exceed expectations.

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Hundreds of TV models in the Kenyan market these days make it challenging to choose the right TV when you are looking for a new one. This guide is meant to help you find a television that suits you best. Here are some of the simple factors that you should consider when you are looking for a new TV in Kenya:


As with any other big purchase, price is one of the most important things that you must consider. There is one general price rule that applies when you are looking at TV prices in Kenya: the bigger the screen, the higher the price. However, you have to keep in mind that this rule does not apply all the time. There are some 32” TVs that are more expensive than some 40” TVs. The features of a given TV affect its price. Today, flat screen TVs are affordable than they used to be a few years ago. When you are looking at TV prices in Kenya, don’t forget to look at the features of a given TV before you finally decide to buy it.


The size of a TV should be one of the top things that you are considering when you want to buy a TV. You should not be trapped into thinking that bigger is better. If you want the best viewing experience, it is very important to think about the space that you want to put your TV as well as the distance that you will be watching it from.


If you are not a techy, things like 1080p & 720p probably don’t make any sense to you. These numbers refer to the number of pixels on the screen. The higher the number of pixels on your screen, the sharper the images that you are going to get. A 50 inch 1080p screen will have the same number of pixels as a 40 inch screen TV. The only difference is the size of the screen. This explains why a smaller screen may seem to provide higher quality images than a larger screen with the same resolutions.

Curved screen TV?

Curved TVs have heftier price tags than standard flat screen TVs. A curved TV provides a better viewing experience because it accurately matches the natural way the human eye absorbs images.

Smart TV?

Smart TVs allow you to connect to the internet so that you can enjoy services such as Netflix and YouTube. With a smart TV, you can will browse the internet and make Skype calls. You will also be able to sync your TV with your smartphone or tablet.